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Pretty little liars is testing my pretty little patience!

Hi guys!

So, who watches pretty little liars? 

Does anyone want to scream about it as much as I do? When on earth are we going to finally find out who A is?

*spoiler alert*

I can't even deal with it! I began watching PLL (yep, we are abbreviating it now) about 6 months ago, I watched all 5 seasons in about 2 months. (Not gonna' lie, I kinda turned into a social recluse and ended up singing the theme tune allllllll daaaaay lonnnnng). 

When I heard that the big A reveal was finally happening I was like, yes. This is the moment I have been waiting for. This is the moment I can finally sleep at night knowing who A is. 

Did that happen? 


Into series 6, and we have now learnt that Charles is A. Who is Charles you ask? Good bloody question. I am one of these people that reads fan theories online and I end up screen shotting every single theory and sending it to my boyfriends sister. 

So, my personal theory? I thought all this time that Melissa Hastings was A. I was absolutely convinced until I saw a few things this week on Twitter and online that have blown. my. mind.

I saw a fan theory that explained that Toby, Charles and Bethany Young could be triplets (which would also explain the 'leaked' storyline that Toby's mum would play a huge part in the A reveal). The theory is that Charles and Bethany were adopted by Mrs. DiLaurentis and that Mrs D and Mrs Cavanaugh (Toby's mum) were sisters, and when you see this photo I found, it all becomes real...
ABC Family / Via

The theory would also explain as to why Spencer was never harmed in A's cave. No-one would ever harm their sister, right? Mrs. Cavanaugh was in Radley and the writers have never really delved into her death/potential suicide. What if it was Charles who killed her? What if he was so angry at the fact she gave her son up for adoption? The fan then mentioned a really valid point which made me "OMG" out loud. In a past episode, Hanna was checking through some dental records that had been switched, and they were trying to figure out who switched the records as that would then lead them to discover the identity of A. Written in the book of people who had recently signed into the dentists office was "C. Cavanaugh". Boom.

If this theory is in fact true, this could also explain that other little dress that Mrs. D got and told Alison to keep quiet about. It was for Bethany Young.

Completely, utterly mind blown. What do you guys think? Who do you think is A? Do you have any theories to make me change my mind AGAIN? Please do comment below or tweet me with your theory! I am so excited to finally be able to say "I know who A is!" and please also let me know if you are going to be re-watching the whole entire series afterwards to make the links!

-Oh, and can we also just take a quick moment to appreciate the old Caleb vs the new caleb. Hell-o.

Please do let me know what you think and whether you think I'm totally, utterly on the wrong page!

Thank you for reading again, and I hope everyone has a lovely week!

Lots of love,

Chelsea x

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