Friday, 10 July 2015

Summer sun. Kind of...

Hello again!

Today has been a long day! The worst thing about summer is not being able to enjoy it because you've been hard at work all day *insert sad face here* but, I did decide to grab a big ol' glass of wine and sit in the small fraction of the garden that still had a little bit of sun!

When the weather is like this it really makes me want to go on holiday! Where is everyone jetting off to this year? My boyfriend and I have been saving like mentalists for a house and so we have no holiday booked this year. We are in a debate as to whether to go to Italy and fly into one place and fly out from another. Our plan is to fly to Milan, and travel to Venice, Florence and Rome through the journey. 

Has anyone been to Italy and can recommend some really nice places to go? The plan is to do the typical touristy things like going punting in Venice and to the cathedral in Milan, but has anyone discovered some pretty little hideaways? I also speak no Italian which is kinda a problem because the only word I know is "ciao!"

(Note to self - you cannot walk around saying "Ciao Bella!"all day).

Also has anyone been to the love lock bridge in Florence before? If so did you put a lock on there? I know this is kinda classed as illegal now, I think, due to the weight of the locks being too heavy for the bridge to hold, but do let me know! 

Thank you for reading & I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Lots of love,

Chelsea x

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