Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The big A reveal... Apparently...

*spoiler alert*

So, those of you that know me will know how much I love Pretty Little Liars (let's abbreviate it, let's go for PLL). Last week was the "Big A reveal" (take 2) and the episode was called "Game over Charles". The episode was on in the U.S. on Tuesday evening and so I set my alarm early Wednesday morning to make sure I was up and ready for work by 8 so that I could sit and watch the episode on Netflix (Sad? Just a bit).

I have to admit the episode did keep me glued the whole way through. I was fixated for the forty-something minutes, but I was just so disappointed with the outcome that CeCe Drake was Charles/A. I kinda' felt like it was really obvious, but then as a few people have said, not that obvious because I didn't guess it! That moment when A started to turn round my heart was literally racing so fast, and when I saw that it was CeCe it was a bit like......... Oh.

I felt the story behind why CeCe was Charles was really interesting and I got that, but it just didn't wow me and I wasn't amazed. I have so many unanswered questions from the summer of answers like...

1. Firstly, why were 2 children in Radley allowed out on the rooftop at night time? I kinda get that they may have snuck out, but it just didn't seem legit.

2. How did Wilden manage to keep quiet about CeCe 'killing' Ali when he was the same age as her? (I think) surely he wouldn't have been that old to play the character? 

3. Who killed Mrs D? I need to know this.

4. If they decided to go down the transgender route, which I'm really glad they did, why did they not go into detail about the change? Did Charles have surgery? How did the transition happen? 

5. Who is Rhys? And why does he look SO much like Jason? (That casting for that was great by the way, bonus points for the casting team).


7. And speaking of Sara Harvey, why was she in the bunker like the girls? She looked pretty rough too. Did CeCe make her appear this way to fool the girls?

8. Also, I'm confused, Mona was well enough to go and torture the girls and do all those crazy things to the girls, yet she couldn't recognise that Ali was in fact CeCe? 

9. Why was Melissa Hastings so shady? And where the hell have her and Wren disappeared to?
I read something online (which probably means it isn't true) that someone who worked on the set of PLL leaked the true A story and that CeCe Drake was almost a back up plan?

In the 5 years on episode we see Alison working in a school and writing her name on a board, but it seems she has a different last name. Personally I think she has changed her identity. The rest of the girls come in and warn Ali that he's coming to get her? Who is he? Why is it too late Spencer? Is 'he' like the new A? Is he the new B? How are they going to run another A villain in only a season and a half and for us to find out who HE is? Why has it took Spencer so long to get a full fringe because she looks so much better? Why does Ali look so beautiful and also a bit like Barbie and why does Emily still look exactly the same as season 1?

There is so much more I need to know and so much more answered. I don't think I can wait for February. *cries*

Also, the mums. Where the hell are the mums? Are this still down in the basement in Ali's house? Why have they not been found yet? Are they ok? Do they have enough wine down there?

What were your A theories? Were any of you right? I was definitely wrong with my Melissa Hastings theory! Let me know what you thought of the mid-season finale and any guesses for February!

Lots of love,

Chelsea x

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