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Lottie London Makeup Brushes Review

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No this is not an optical illusion, not a dream, not a past memory. Don't faint, but yes, this is my second blog post in TWO DAYS. I am literally so gobsmacked at myself and its only day 2 of 2016!

Today's post is a review of the Lottie London Best of Brushes Collection. I have wanted these brushes for SO long. The main reason? Well, they're pastels and pretty colours, so why wouldn't I want them?!

Superdrug stock Lottie London products, and when I was browsing on Asos the other day, I noticed they sold them too. I decided that the next day on my trip to Superdrug I would finally pick them up and give them a go. Before purchasing the brushes I tried to have a read up online for some reviews on these, but I couldn't find anything at all, so, here we are today, I decided to write a post in case anyone else was trying to find a review for them too!

These brushes are currently retailing at £19.99 from both Superdrug, Asos and I'm sure there are other places selling them too. Click here to browse these on the Superdrug website. 

Lottie London - Best of Brushes Collection. 

The brushes come in a pack of 5. They are literally the prettiest pastel colours ever! Lottie London stock a lot of other make-up brushes, but I decided to purchase these ones in particular as a trial, just to get to grips with them y'no! 

Each brush is as follows:
- Blue Brush - Powder Brush
- Pink Brush - Shade and Shadow Angle Brush
- Red Brush - Eyeshadow Brush
- Yellow Brush - Eyeshadow Blending Brush
- Green Brush - Foundation Brush

They are all very basic but must-have brushes. I currently use Real Technique brushes, so bearing in mind through this post these are what I currently use, and my opinion is on using the brushes for the first time. 

As I always mention, I am no expert when it comes to make-up brushes whatsoever, it is just my personal opinion and how I found them!

Powder Brush.

The first brush in the collection is the Powder Brush. This brush is a beautiful baby blue colour and this is hands down the best powder brush I have ever used in my 22 years of life. Wow. The coverage of this brush was incredible and it was SO soft. I felt like it held a lot more powder that any other brush I use and the coverage it gave was perfect. I would definitely recommend this brush out of the whole collection the most. It is a must have for every beauty guru's makeup bag/drawer/cupboard/loft!

Shade and Shadow Angle Brush.

The second brush in the collection is the baby pink shade and shadow angle brush. This brush is for applying eyeshadow and when I used it I used it for the inner corners of the eyes when applying a lighter white colour when creating a smokey eye. I found this brush really easy to use, it was simple, straightforward and created the exact look I was going for. The bristles didn't feel either too thick or too thin, and I felt they helped apply the shadow precisely. Again like the previous brush, I couldn't fault this. It ticked every single box on my list!

Eyeshadow Brush.

After using the angle brush I then used this eyeshadow brush to apply the outer colour of my eyeshadow. This brush is a like coral/red sort of colour which is super pretty and this is also one of my favourites out of the 5. I'm not really an eye shadow kind of girl, and I can never find a brush that helps me apply the shadow properly without making a complete mess. I found that this brush is the perfect shape for me. It helped me apply the shadow neatly and was also the right shape to help define the crease in my eyelid. I am super impressed with this brush, this one would be brilliant for those of you that are a bit pants with eyes, like me! 

Eyeshadow Blending Brush.

This brush is the eyeshadow blending brush in a pastel yellow colour (by far the cutest brush of them all!) I used this brush to blend in the outer darker colour in with the more shimmery colour on top. I found this brush really useful, although I wouldn't say it stood out massively to any other brush I have used like the others did, but it definitely did the job I will continue to use this over and over again.

Foundation Brush.

The last brush in the collection is the mint green coloured foundation brush. I knew before purchasing these brushes that this would be the brush I would use the most. All of the brushes in this collection are super soft and this one didn't let me down. I use the MAC Pro-Longwear Foundation in NW15 and I applied a little to this brush and began to blend it into my skin. I felt that all of the foundation went onto my face rather than being soaked into the brush like a lot of other brushes tend to do. I was overall really happy with this brush and I liked the fact that the tip of the brush is really quite thin, enabling you to get into all those little hard to reach creases! It's a yes from me! 

Overall I am so happy that I decided to purchase these brushes. They are so affordable and so good. I have to say that I think they are potentially one of the most underrated brands I have ever used. When I originally saw them, I thought they might have been designed for younger girls, maybe for girls first trying out makeup, but I disagree now that I have used them and think they would be suitable for all ages, and lets be honest, they have got to be some of the prettiest brushes out there! I will one million percent be purchasing the other brushes by Lottie London!

I hope that this review might be of some use to some of you, and if you fancy trying out some new brushes, these are the ones to go for! Please let me know if you have tried these brushes and what you think! I love hearing all about what you have tried and what you think! 

Thanks again for reading, I hope you are all having a productive 2016 so far! 

Until next time...

Lots of love

Chelsea x 
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