Thursday, 28 January 2016

Starting a YouTube Channel...

I hope you are all doing really well - I want to say a big thank-you because this past month I have reached the most views in a month that I have received since starting this blog! I was so completely surprised and thank-you to everyone that has taken the time out of their day to read my posts and sorry if I ramble on or go off on tangents, I'm so bad for that. Guilty as charged!
Something I had been thinking about towards the second half of 2015 and most certainly this year is about starting a YouTube channel. I have always loved writing and so that's why I decided to get back into blogging. As I mention in pretty much every single blog post (booorrring), I have watched YouTube for so long, and it's definitely adapted itself as part of my normal lifestyle.
I would be lying if I said I didn't ever think about starting a channel, but at the moment I feel the worries overrule the willingness and so I'm stuck in a muddle.
I have wanted to start a YouTube channel from the day I started to get into YouTube but never thought that I would ever consider doing it. It hasn't been until I started this blog that I have thought about it more and more.
But where do I even begin?
My biggest fear starting a channel is my anxiety. I have a fear that I would get completely set up and film a video and then spend 3 days being too anxious to put it up. I also worry that people might find me uninteresting, boring and might genuinely not connect with me. My friend Meg has a channel and she said that she felt the same kind of things before starting. I also read a comment somewhere stating "if you're not sure whether to do it yet, you're probably not quite ready".
I used to edit a lot of video footage at college for both Media and Photography - but will it be the same kind of idea?
Has anyone else been in the same situation? Did you go ahead and start a channel? Should I do it?!
Let me know!
Lots of love
Chelsea x
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