Tuesday, 15 March 2016

The Saccone-Jolys

Good Morning Friends!
(The opening line is rolling with the theme of this post!)

I hope you are all really well and enjoying ‘spring’ so far. Today I am writing a post that I have been adding into for so long. I keep going to post this and then I watch something else and just want to add more to the post!

As you very well know I am an avid YouTube watcher. I have been since I was probably about 14 or 15, and today at nearly 23 I still am, if not even more so. I work full time in a Human Resources department and own my own house, but that does not stop me getting home, cooking dinner and popping on a video whilst I’m doing house chores! You work with it!

Whenever I  meet someone else as into YouTube as I am, I find myself endlessly talking about my favourites YouTubers, or maybe a really good tutorial I’ve seen, or something I really want to buy from a haul. But the weird thing with the world of YouTube is that these people film their lives daily, and give you a 20 minute snippet of their day which is incredible, and I think that’s why I love watching vlogs so much.

I can hands down, hand on my heart say that I have never been as fully committed to a channel as I am than Saccone-Jolys.

They are an Irish family now living in London. The lead member of the filming family is Jonathan. He and his wife Anna have two adorable children (who will have you re-winding parts of the video non-stop crying with laughter!) called Emilia and Eduardo. Between Jonathan and Anna they film their lives every single day and upload a video of the previous day every-single-day. It’s incredible what they do. I am subscribed to their individual channels too and keep up to date with those, but their main shared channel has become part of my daily routine in life. Without fail. If I go on holiday, I panic at how many videos I’m missing and then have to make sure I put aside a half a day to binge watch when I’m back.

A lot of people don’t ‘get’ vlogs. But I do. And I love their channel. Something so simple as taking their children to school and dance classes and watching Anna unpack her weekly shopping has something so satisfying about it. It reassures some normality in the crazy world out there that the media tries to portray as such a negative thing. The weird thing about the family is that they are such down-to-earth, normal people, you feel like you know them. Sometimes I find myself in a shop and think “oh my god – Anna would totally love this” – and it’s weird. I do that with my best friend...
In some way this family have changed my life. Watching their videos is the one thing, alongside a bubble bath, that kills my anxiety on the spot. In fact, I can ONLY watch their videos when the anxiety is at an all time high. They make me feel so relaxed and help me ease back into that state of normality. I have to thank them for that!

I regularly think about the history of their videos and you can pretty much watch their entire life on film. How incredible is that for Emilia and Eduardo to look back on? They are able to watch their parent’s lives before they were born, their parents wedding day, even their BIRTHS! You can’t imagine how incredible that would be unless you had the same thing. The fact Anna can watch back a 30 minute video of the birth of her two children is incredible. Many people keep videos from their wedding day, their child’s first day at school, but this family have everything! They have every day of their life to look back on and I find it incredible. They are such a humble family and perfect role models to all of their viewers – young and old.

One thing I love about the Saccone-Jolys is that they are who they are. They have never in all their years of YouTube tried to become a family they are not. Both Anna and Jonathan have their own projects they are working on as well as committing to their regular every day upload, and we shouldn’t forget that they are normal people living their own everyday lives. The way in which they have raised their children is such a pleasure to watch – and I’m pretty sure they are the two funniest children on earth. (P.S – if you haven’t watched their “KIDS OUT OF CONTROL!” video, put it on now, and when you get to 8:49 you will immediately love this family. Funniest clip on YouTube!)

I honestly love this families channel and I feel like I know them which is crazy to say! If you haven’t subscribed to them yet on YouTube then I will leave all their links down below, and if the Saccone-Jolys are new to you, then I’m sorry. Because you may have potentially just lost the rest of your day binge watching! I can't wait to watch their family continue to grow (including their 6 dogs!) and I am so excited for the things they have to come, which I hope includes more vlogging by Emilia and Eduardo!

I hope you all have a great day and I have a beauty product haul coming up tonight so keep an eye out of that! Thank you for reading my lovelies!

Lots of love

Chelsea x
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