Thursday, 11 August 2016

5 Bloggers I Just Can't Get Enough Of!

To start blogging you have to be inspired. Inspired by something that happens in life, inspired by a subject that you feel really passionate about, or inspired by the blogs you are already reading and religiously following through each post!

I started blogging when I was younger and one day just completely forgot about it. I always continued to read blogs, and when I hit 22 I decided that it was time to start again. I have decided to list my 5 ultimate favourite bloggers that you need to follow if you don't already, all of which in some way have inspired me to start this blog last year! (No particular order!)

#1 Sarah Ashcroft

Ladies and gentlemen, the absolute queen of holidays, Sarah Ashcroft. I have followed 'that Pommie Girl' for so long now that I can't even remember when I started reading her blog. She is a gem of all things fashion and beauty and pulls off anything and everything! Her Snapchat is full of amazing worldwide trips filled with beautiful beaches, gorgeous bikinis and she gives you such holiday envy! To watch, she is such a girls girl, and you can't help but want to just get yourself booked into the hairdressers just looking at her locks! She's a longtime favourite and I know I will continue to love the work she produces.
Check Sarah's blog here

#2 Lydia Elise Millen

Lydia's blog is a blog I have started reading more recently following the discovery of her YouTube channel. She is honestly the sweetest thing and again has the most amazing hair. Her high end purchases make me want to stop shopping and save up for a new Chanel addition and you can't help but fall in love with her entire wardrobe. Her posts range from fashion to food to favourites, and you immediately find yourself adoring her through every post! She always makes sure that her content has something for everyone - she's a dark horse in the world of blogging! 
Check Lydia's blog here!

#3 Poppy Deyes

Anybody that has a section of their blog solely dedicated to food is my kind of person, and Poppy is definitely my kinda' gal. If you don't ever have the motivation to get up and bake or cook something new, you certainly will do after reading Poppy's posts. I'm always stuck for a healthy alternative option or healthy snacking idea, and Poppy has posts and posts full of ideas and photos of amazing food. Her travel section makes me want to discover new places around the world and her lifestyle posts are always giving me inspo' for weekend activities! 
Check Poppy's blog here!

#4 Meg Says

Without being biased, as she's a friend, Meg is mainly solely responsible for my motivation of getting back into blogging. After discovering Meg had started her YouTube channel and was back into blogging, it really made me want to get back into mine again. Her posts are forever making me spend copious amounts on make-up, on Asos and ordering the new Charlotte Tilbury bit's but she is literally the sweetest and most genuine girl you will come across. I'm a number one fan and totally proud to say that!
Check Meg's blog here!

#5 Emily Alison

And lastly this little Irish beauty is a new favourite of mine. Like Lydia, I discovered Emily' blog through her YouTube channel. Her make-up recreations are insane and she is a definite go to when it comes to Halloween this year! I feel like all the products she recommends are completely genuine and I honestly have such high hopes for this girl. She's going to do so well!
Check Emily's blog here!

I hope this helped any of you looking for some new bloggers to follow, be sure to let me know of any that are your faves too.

Thanks for reading as always and until next time...

Love Chelsea x

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