Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Visiting Cannes - The South of France

For a long time the South of France has been on my bucket list. A glorious place filled with blue sea, white sands and the most amazing heat. A rich city with famous streets and expensive stores, I had to make this a trip to do this year. I will leave a few hints and tips down below in case you are thinking of going, if you aren't, then I hope you enjoy the photos!

Cannes is undoubtedly the most beautiful place I have ever been too. The city is based on the French Riviera and is just spectacular. We decided to visit Cannes during August which was super hot. The sun blazed each day right through until about 9pm every night. Hitting highs of 35-36 degrees, sun cream was a must! We stayed in a hotel which was about a ten minute walk down to the train station/shopping area which was about another 5 minutes to the beach. A lot of people have asked if Cannes was expensive, and yes, it was. 

Food was expensive, alcohol was expensive and Sephora definitely wasn't the dream that I was excited for (probably due to how low the euro is at the moment), but to be honest, you prepare for that before the trip. We saved a few extra euros up, we planned ahead a little, and if you go expecting it, it doesn't ruin your trip. 

A lot of people are cautious about visiting the area at the moment, but I can assure you security is on top form at all times, and you can't let that stop you from visiting. 

We stayed for 4 nights and I would say that this is probably a good length of time to travel. I would recommend spending some time in Nice and maybe in the town of Antibes. Although we didn't get chance to visit these locations, we passed them on the train and they looked beautiful. Transport is super easy to follow throughout the city and is reasonably priced too.

I hope this helped a little for any of you keen to go, if you want one place to visit in your life, I cannot recommend it enough. A beautiful place to visit. You must see it for yourself.

Love, Chelsea x

p.s. If you have any questions - pop them through to my Love Chelsea email address!

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