Monday, 3 October 2016

50 Things To Do This Christmas

Many of my friends, family, colleagues know me as the insanely annoying Christmas person that starts watching Christmas films in September (although, might have happened in August this year...)

It is without a doubt my favourite time of year! Autumn - Winter is the time I live for! This year I have been thinking a little more about what Christmas'y type things I want to do in December to have a fun and festive period! So, I'm here to help out to get you planning for Christmas! A little early, maybe, but preparation is key! The list is long....

  1. Decorate the tree
  2. Make a gingerbread house
  3. Send out Christmas cards to friends & family
  4. Late night shopping in your town/city
  5. Go to a Christmas market in your own town/city centre
  6. Make cream/marshmallow topped hot chocolates
  7. Take a road trip to see old friends
  8. Treat yourself to something & wrap it up and put it under the tree
  9. Visit a Christmas market in a random town/city
  10. Make a Christmas shoe-box to send to children - link here!
  11. Organise a Christmas meal with a group of friends
  12. Go to a Christmas lights switch on!
  13. Organise a Secret Santa!
  14. Bake gingerbread men
  15. Have a Christmas jumper day at work
  16. Visit a garden centre and buy Christmas decorations
  17. Buy chocolate advent calendars
  18. Hang stockings above the fireplace
  19. Have a shopping day to buy Christmas presents
  20. Organise a Christmas pub night with friends & family
  21. Ladies - treat yourself to one of this years Beauty Advent Calendars!
  22. Go to Midnight-Mass
  23. Take a younger relative to see Santa! 
  24. Pick out a real Christmas tree - or just go for the smell to be honest!
  25. Buy a Christmas wreath to hang on your door
  26. Have a Christmas movie day! 
  27. Make a snowman... Or maybe just watch the film if it isn't snowing...
  28. Have a present wrapping day joined with Christmas songs!
  29. Grab your fave festive Starbucks drink! 
  30. Check the TV Guide for all the Christmas films - we all do it!
  31. Go ice skating
  32. Hang mistletoe
  33. Devour a tub of celebrations with a good ol' film
  34. Have a cold winters walk in the country
  35. Visit a craft fair
  36. Have a Christmas dinner prep-run (always a good excuse for a roast!)
  37. Stock up on novelty Christmas socks and pyjamas!
  38. Find the Coca Cola van!
  39. Buy a Christmas Candle
  40. Stock up on Christmas chocolate
  41. Load a Christmas CD into your car
  42. Have a nice glass of Baileys & Ice (only if you're old enough of course!)
  43. Hang Christmas lights outside your house and in the windows
  44. Spend quality time with friends and family
  45. Stock up on mince pies
  46. Make some homemade mulled wine!
  47. Grab all the old board games out of the cupboard
  48. Listen to carol singers 
  49. Visit a pantomime 
  50. Eat, drink, be merry and have the best festive period!

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