Monday, 28 August 2017

Why I Stopped Blogging...

There really is no excuse.

The end.

Just kidding! I cannot believe I haven't written a blog post since January. I'm actually ashamed.

We're now at the end of August and so much has happened this year that I don't really know what happened. I suffered with a major case of writers block. I knew what I wanted to write about but every time I tried, it just went. I couldn't string any words together.

It wasn't until I was out having a walk down the beach last week that I actually thought, no, now is the right time to jump back on the game and start again!

This year I have been away on a couple of holiday's, visited some beautiful places, spent so much time with friends and family and genuinely got so busy with life that I spent time living in the moment and not thinking about what content I could get for my blog. Whilst this probably sounds like a good thing that I had that time to solely enjoy it, for me personally, I was gutted that I hadn't planned for my blog as it really is something I enjoy SO much.

My anxiety has been so good lately, and I think that has a huge reflection on my life. I've finally been able to go out and enjoy doing things that this time last year I never would have been able to. 

With Autumn slowly on the way, which as we all know I literally LIVE for Autumn, I've spent a lot of time planning what I'm going to do with Love Chelsea. Autumn is when I come out of hibernation and come alive (saaaaaassy!) I have a post coming about my trip to Budapest as I honestly think it's one of the best places on earth and I would love you guys to consider going one day! I also have very exciting blog posts arranged for Halloween (CAN.NOT.WAIT) and I'm also off to Florida in November on holiday so I will sure as heck be blogging about my trip there as a first-time-goer!

I also want to do an Autumn Lookbook this year with my friend Emma who is a photographer and she is GREAT so looking forward to that, and as always I'll be doing some makeup hauls and faves because, why not!

THIS YEAR, I have also set myself a challenge to make up for the complete lack of writing, and I am going to be doing.... BLOGMAS. Yay!

I'm taking Blogmas into my own style, 1 post everyday throughout the month of December but I'm going to set myself a challenge of doing 25 Days of Christmas. So for the first 25 days of December I will be doing something Christmas'y to get into the mood for festive season and blog about it. I can't wait for that, lots of work with a full time job, but totally worth it.

Let me know how you have all been, I'm super excited for the next couple of months (we all know mainly because Autumn TV is on it's way back and that means Bake Off and Strictly - side note - let me know your thoughts on the new Bake Off line up - I'm reeeeeallly not sure!)

Hope you are all well and look forward to speaking with you soon.

Lots of love.

Chelsea x

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